SWRLY - a modern take on the historic Petzval lens.


SWRLY is a modern take on the original swirly lens, the Petzval, created in 1840 by Josef Petzval. This lens design was one of the first portrait lenses and is characterized by a unique swirly bokeh effect. Many of the earliest photos (daguerreotypes, tintypes, etc.) were captured with Petzval lenses.

The Petzval lens has a sharp center region surrounded by swirly bokeh, making it fantastic for portraits. SWRLY is the first app to recreate this effect.


  • Unique swirly bokeh
  • Great for portraits
  • Simple to use with great results
  • Antique film types such as daguerreotype, tintype, etc.



Capture depth data with compatible two-camera devices. See the real-time preview of depth as you capture photos.

The Depth Data will give you the most realistic depth of field using the actual depth information from the scene.

Create beautiful portraits with SWRLY. SWRLY will expertly blur the bachground while keeping focus on what matters.


  • Capture Depth
  • Set Focal Distance
  • Set Blur Level
  • Great for Portraits

Daguerreotype Photos

SWRLY can really capture the daguerreotype look with the innovative negative control. Images created with the original daguerreotype process have almost a 3D quality to them as you view them at different angles. This can make them look partially inverted and negative.


Create unique photos with the swirly focus. Nothing compares to the SWRLY look to frame an amazing shot.

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