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Getting Start with LensFlare Studio

LensFlare Studio is a powerful light manipulation tool for creating great optical effects. Lens flares can enhance any image - from portraits, action shots, artistic imagery to design elements like logos and titles. They work especially well on dark images, increasing contrast and depth.

LensFlare Choices

LensFlare Studio includes a wide variety of LensFlares to choose from. They cover everything from epic “Hollywood” anamorphic flares, natural sun light, to subtle glints of light. Add a big anamorphic flare to any picture to give it a high tech cinematic look. Add a small glint of light to emphasize a reflection in a photo.



Getting Started - Loading your first photo

It's easy to open your own photo as follows:
- File->Open (Command-O) to open photo.
- Drag photo to Image Area.
- Paste photo from Clipboard.


Add Your First Flare


Saving your photo

SAVE - There are two ways to save your photo. First is to save your photo and all flares as a project. After adding flares, select File>>Save. This saves a .LFD project file which you can open up later in LensFlare Studio.

EXPORT IMAGE - The second way is to export your project as an image file. Select File>>Export Image and choose type such as PNG, JPG, or TIF. This saves a flattened image file with any flares you've added.


Working with Photoshop

While LensFlare Studio isn't a plugin, it's easy to work with Photoshop. I often work on flare layers in Photoshop for more control. Here are tips on how to do this:
1 - Select and copy a layer or photo in Photoshop - Cmd-C
2 - Paste into LensFlare Studio - Cmd-V. LensFlare Studio will auto-size to the pasted layer. Add flares!
3 - After adding flares, turn off Image Layer so you only see the flares.
4 - Do copy in LensFlare Studio - Cmd-C.
5 - Paste in Photoshop Cmd-V, which adds the flares layer to your Photoshop project. Set flare layer blend to Linear Dodge (Add).


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