SkyLab Sky Store

Welcome to the source for amazing new skies for SkyLab Studio


These are beautifully rendered sunsets with classic glowing clouds. These skies are designed with an eye toward realism to perfectly blend with your photos. (13 skies)


This is a stunning collection of future cityscapes. These futuristic visions will bring a sense of wonder to your creations. These are more than just skies but distant cities to place in your photos. (16 skies)


How about adding some far away mountains and hills to your photos? These work great with landscapes. You can adjust the bottom fade of the mountains so they float in the distance beyond an expanse of fog and haze. (13 skies)


Want to add drama and epic scale to your landscape? Add a prominent volcanic peak in the far off horizon. These are all specially rendered horizons designed for adding to landscape photos. (14 skies)


Sometimes all you need is a nice rainbow in your sky. I hope you enjoy this collection of Rainbow Skies to add color and light to your photos. Plus, they're free! (12 skies)


SkyLab Studio is the ultimate sky-replacement app for the Mac. Imagine dropping stunning skies on your photos with this innovative new app. You'll love the huge collection of curated skies from sunny, cloudy, stormy, to night shots.