LensFlare for iPhone/iPad

LensFlare is a must have app for any photographer or designer looking for the best in optical effects.

LensFlare offers a wide selection of lens types to choose from. Choose from:

  • Cinematic style anamorphic lens effects
  • Natural sunlight flares
  • Subtle glints
  • SLR camera lens types
“...you don't know what you're missing until you try this app.”
- Wired Magazine
“...best iPhone app for adding realistic looking flares and optical effects.”
- LifeInLofi.com

LensFlare in Action

See LensFlare in action. Imagine the possibilities you can create with your photos adding subtle or extreme optical effects.

Create Beautiful Photos with LensFlare

LensFlares can enhance any photo - from portraits, action shots, artistic imagery to design elements like logos. They add a whole new layer to your photos - an interplay of light and imagery. Easily add and position them on your photos for a great visual effect.

LensFlare Example


This is the LensFlare app modeling a bright xenon arc lamp shining into an anamorphic lens.


Xenon arc lamps are often used in film making to light sets because they have a bright and very natural daylight spectrum.


This is a dusty anamorphic lens with a curved cylindrical surface. This curvature causes the horizontal streaks. The blue tint comes from the anti-reflective coating on the lens. This is just an example of the level of detail that goes into modeling each lens flare, from the light source to the type and shape of the lens.

LensFlares in Holywood

Lens flares have become quite prominent in film and TV. They can be a huge part of a film’s style, adding a whole new layer to the visual language. LensFlare includes several flare styles inspired by TV and film. These flares are often characterized by horizontal streaks caused by the anamorphic lens used for wide format. All flares in these images were created directly in the LensFlare app.

SuperFlare (Super8)


Final Frontier (Star Trek)

Electron (Tron)

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